Providing comprehensive testing solutions to help you move towards perfection

Enhancing the quality of your software and web applications via manual and automated testing practices. HONSOL brings a complete suite of cost-effective, well-structured testing and validation solutions that ensure flawless functionality, performance and security at every stage of project lifecycle.

Ensuring repeatability and reusability to accelerate project cycles and improve quality

Our comprehensive range of Software Quality Assurance and independent testing services have helped numerous global clients improve product quality and reduce time-to-market. Our QA span domain testing (functionality testing, regression testing and test automation), technology testing (installation testing, performance testing and scalability testing) and operations centric testing (compatibility testing, security testing and integration testing).

HONSOL incessantly plans and implements the monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement processes needed to ensure conformity of and improve the effectiveness of your product/services. Reports like Daily Bug tracking reports, Weekly QA reports, resource allocation and loading sheets, resource Vs task or module allocation sheets and defect dashboards are being used for analysis and decision making. Evidence of conformity with QA criteria is maintained via project monitoring with regular checks on bug tracking tool, status reports; audits based on reports and dashboards; complete QA documentation from test plan to release notes; identification of the problem areas and solutions to the upcoming problems; and analysis of customer perception and response to determine whether HONSOL has met customer requirements.

Leveraging the expertise of professional testers to ensure smart application testing

HONSOL provides testing (validation and verification) and quality assurance services for custom built as well as packaged web and software solutions. The specialized team of testing professionals follows a well-planned software testing approach that ensures that testing is done efficiently and effectively according to a well-defined quality process.

Ensure high quality outcome for your web or software applications through customized tests and stringent QA practices followed by HONSOL Solutions. Contact Us to learn how we can impart our QA expertise at every stage of your project lifecycle.

Functional Testing
Aligning application functionality with business requirements

Ensuring that your application’s functionality validates overall business objectives. HONSOL brings end to end core functionality testing services to verify that the functional components of your application work as they should, and deliver expected outcome.

Testing from business process perspective

HONSOL excels at regulating vital elements of core functionality testing, so that you can ensure compliance to industry specified standards and brand guidelines, and eventually increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Our QA teams thoroughly test core functional aspects of the application to ensure completeness of system architecture and seamless interoperability of all system components.

HONSOL brings a gamut of core functionality testing services – right from installation and configuration, and testing/analyzing requirements to test execution, automated test scripts and testing, manual testing, bug reporting, GUI, database and regression testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, localized testing, and many more.

Delivering high quality applications

HONSOL provides high quality, automated testing services to ensure that your application is working correctly, and is delivering proper functionality

Leverage HONSOL expertise to streamline your projects, enhance reliability, and accelerate time-to-market. Contact Us to know more about our core functionality testing services.

Mobile Testing
Providing industry best mobile testing services

Testing your mobile applications and websites on various user focused criteria. HONSOL offers bespoke mobile testing services that validate your mobi business applications and websites from user perspective, and deliver desired performance.

Meeting diverse mobile computing challenges

HONSOL provides leading edge mobile testing services like UI testing and functional testing, to verify that your mobile business applications and websites efficiently meet your business objectives. Our highly qualified QA teams diligently test every facet of your application and website, to ensure that it adheres to the mobile usability guidelines and meets the parameters of effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

HONSOL mobile testing services include operability across multiple operating systems - Apple iOS, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, Google’s Android, Symbian, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, browsers, languages and locations. We follow stringent testing methodologies, and perform usability testing, laboratory testing and field-testing, to achieve the stated goals.

Ensuring success of your mobile applications and websites

HONSOL leverages hands-on expertise and automates testing approaches to ensure efficient project delivery. Our mobile testing services help increase quality and productivity to make sure that your mobile applications and websites work accurately - for everyone, everywhere, and every time.

Stay ahead in the race to mobility. Contact Us for further information on our mobile testing services.

Performance Testing
Assessing the production readiness of your application

Ascertaining the effective performance of an application under realistic conditions. HONSOL performance testing services help you get a precise picture of end-to-end system performance before going live, to verify that applications meet specified performance benchmarks, and avoid issues in production.

Identifying and reducing performance bottlenecks

HONSOL brings an array of performance testing services to determine performance issues in the system when the application is running in real time scenario. In addition, we identify the system interoperability with other applications in the system, and evaluate compliance of the project with specified performance attributes.

The performance testing services suite by HONSOL includes performance benchmarking, load & stress testing, capacity analysis, network bandwidth verification, and more. The expert team of certified QA professionals in HONSOL leverages the latest automation tools to minimize risks, and optimize and align business processes with desired outcome.

Guaranteeing reliability and scalability

HONSOL puts significant consideration and diligence to ensure reliability of applications, and provides visible deliverables (Assessment report, Test strategy/plan, Test scripts, Test scenarios, Test results) at every step of performance testing. If need be, we work with the development team to incorporate architectural changes and fine-tune performance to meet the targeted performance criteria.

Discover how HONSOL performance testing services are best for your business. Contact Us to learn more about our services.

Security Testing
Identifying and mitigating security risks

Examining all components of your application against internal and external vulnerabilities. HONSOL brings a powerful set of security testing services that uses risk-based approaches, based on system architecture, to gauge software security adequately.

Integrating security testing throughout the lifecycle

HONSOL understands the importance of your mission critical data, software and business processes. We provide a comprehensive set of security testing services that detect design and implementation flaws to provide you an overview of security, and effectiveness of your applications, configurations, and processes.

HONSOL protects your valuable data against threats, viruses, and attacks, through stringent code reviews, network level evaluation, application level evaluation, and enterprise level evaluation. Our team of QA experts follows a solution-oriented and structured approach that includes application security architecture analysis, code scanning and analysis, design validation with vulnerability audit checklist, test planning, design and execution, and threat identification, reporting and eventual closure.

Building an effectual security shield

HONSOL offers scope-driven security testing services, providing you complete control over quality and security of your system. Our dedicated QA teams formulate project-specific methodologies, tailored as per your business objectives, to fulfill both long term and short term goals.

Know how HONSOL can help you with your security challenges. Contact Us for more details on our security testing services. Website Design and Development in Shimla | Internet and Search Engine Marketing | SEO Services Company.
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